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Intuitive Consultations

For the last ten years, I have worked as a professional psychic medium, channel, and catalyst for healing. I provide spiritual guidance through intuitive consultations (either in person or over the phone) for people, places, pets, and plants. In essence, I hold energetic space for transformation to occur. I do psychic reads by telephone. Sometimes I work in person when clearing the energy of a location, or addressing certain animal rehabilitation and behavioral issues. When appropriate, I channel spirits from the higher realms and angelic guides. To see a few testimonials for my work, scroll to the end of this page.


  • I charge $75/hour (or $1.25 per minute). My fee can be sent as a personal check after our session is completed.


  •  First Contact- If you are interested in a session, you call me at (510) 407-6439 or email me at either deanne@deanneknowland.com or deanne@featherbridge.com. Please tell me what you are generally interested in (please, no specific details) and any questions you may have that are not answered in my site. I have a busy schedule, so if you don't hear back within a week, please try again.

  • Second contact - Scheduling the Appointment - I will email you to set up the actual date and time for the appointment, usually within 1-2 weeks. I will also ask that you email me the telephone number that you wish to be called at and your address if you wish me to mail any photos back to you. If you are scheduling an animal communication session, it is helpful to have a photo of the animal or if that is not available, its name and basic description.  Also, if you expect to have future needs for that animal, I can, if you wish, keep the picture of your pet on file, rather than returning it. Photos of people you want to ask about are helpful, but not essential and whenever possible should NOT be of groups, but individual pictures. I will make every effort to return them to you, but I wouldn't send the only copy that you have (you just never know with the Post Office). 


  • I will call you by telephone at whatever number you have given me (it does not need to be a land line, cell phones are okay) at the date and time we have previously arranged.
  • You are welcome to record the session (I do not currently have a way to do so for you).
  • I work in different ways, depending on your needs:
    • Intuitive Interspecies Communication
    • Channeling
    • Psychic Reading
    • Energy Clearing and alignment


  •  When the appointment is over, I mail back any photos you wish to have returned to the address you have provided me.


In November 2006 I had a series of strange or rather inexplicable occurrences transpire over a two week period in connection with my mother who died almost four years ago.  I am in a writer’s group where I live on Martha’s Vineyard.  Each week we read a story.  I had begun reading stories I had written in a one month period nine months after my mother died.  These were “incidents from my youth.”  Not pleasant stories, many about my mother.  That week I received a 16-page letter written by my mother, all stories I had never heard about her childhood.  Why these pages surfaced from being wedged between a drawer and the wood inside a small bureau and then through a friend of a friend arrived by mail when they did I am not sure.  The next week I received a phone call from my mother.  Although one may find an explanation as to why my mother’s phone number appeared on the phone when the blinking light on the base let me know I had missed a call, one still would never be able to explain why just her name appeared with the telephone number, as it had never been listed in her name.  After checking with my children and learning the phone had not even rung when I was out with the dogs, I found  myself becoming more and more agitated.  I phoned an old friend of mine who gave me Deanne’s name and number.  I spoke with her the day following the phone call.  Although we had never met and only had this opportunity to speak at length I found her to be an incredibly calming force.  Her keen perceptions, her insight, and the manner in which she conveys herself all worked to relieve me, give me a needed sense of ease while  bridging some of the confusion I had been feeling about my mother.  Instead of trying to keep thoughts of my mother from disturbing me, disapproving as she was, Deanne gave me a frame of reference which allowed me to embrace the friendship my mother and I managed later in life and trust that though she had been unable to communicate her emotions to me in life that she was still there for me, maybe not in the way I had always longed for her, but in the only way she ever could be.  This proved to be a turning point and allowed me to move forward without being weighted down simply by the pain of the past. I appreciate finding someone with Deanne’s gift and communication abilities. 
Valerie Sonnenthal, Martha's Vineyard

* * * * * * * *

Deanne is firmly supporting me during an intense and sensitive shedding/rebirthing/growth period in my life. She is supportive in a genuine, brave, fearless, honest, confident, and nurturing way. I see her both as a role model and a friend. She never passes judgment on me, instead coming from a place of love. I am sensitive, so I can feel purity in her character. I quickly learned not to fear her as I had so many people before her who knew me vulnerably. She is talented in making contact with and communicating with spirit...profoundly. If you are seeking spiritual guidance here, you will find yourself in good hands.

Teresa Louisell

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